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March Hours: Wednesday & Thursday 5pm-8pm

We are are doing an update towards opening of the indoor dinning in the spring and will have limited business hours.

Growing up in the Midwest and then Seattle, we lived for Mom's food. She cooked "kitchen sink" style; and her food was always a fusion of the American comfort foods we loved and that were handy, and also, accented with the flavors she grew up with in Zamboanga City, Philippines. That meant a lot of vinegar, soy sauce, and Spanish preparations. Nothing super fancy or experimental, just melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

Fast forward 25 years, Filipino food is on the US foodie map, and we have an 11 year old Asian speakeasy/resto serving Filipino-style, American comfort food, Knee High Stocking Co. And our newest food baby -- Jeepney Cap Hill (opened Summer 2018), the first Filipino-style American comfort food walk up window in Seattle.  

Thankfully, our family twist on Filipino food is being well received:  named 'Best Filipino Food in Seattle' by Yelp reviewers and covered by Eater Seattle, Visit Seattle and Capitol Hill Times.

Owners Pamela & Michelle